Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2022

  • Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2022

Have you always dreamed to be an entrepreneur? As an entrepreneur, the main task is to come up with ideas or innovative mobile applications that could fetch millions in the future. In the present days when the play store and app store are filled with lakhs and lakhs of apps, you have to work a lot and have a bit of luck to create and launch a successful mobile application.

And speaking about the Apple app store there are already 2.22 million apps ready to download on the store. In plain words, it is tough to come up with an app that could beat the already existing apps in the competition.

The good part is that fortunately, we are here to give you some help. In this blog, we present to you 10 mobile app ideas for startups to launch in 2022.

10 mobile apps to launch in 2022:

1. EV charging station finder app: As you can see that there is a huge demand for electric vehicles in the market, this is a direct indication showing that there will also be a demand for charging stations.

In fact, there are a lot more electric vehicles on the streets than charging stations. People are searching for charging stations while they ride or drive to charge up their vehicles. Building an app that can help people to find the nearest charging station is a great idea.

The development of such an app helps people to search for the nearest charging station and browse the services available there. You can also integrate payment options to book an advance slot at the charging station.

2. NFT marketplace app: NFTs are the new trend as they are growing in popularity around the world. The demand for an app that could allow both the creator and seller to buy and sell their NFT online from anywhere around the world is a great idea.

The Opensea marketplace is the world’s largest NFT platform which generates a yearly transaction of 10.590 million US Dollars. You can also create an app similar to OpenSea to trade NFT and generate millions.

3. DeFi lending apps: The DeFi lending market has generated a market worth 50 billion US dollars in the first quarter of 2021. There has been a massive increase in the predictions and popularity of the decentralized lending platform. This demand is predicted to double or triple in the coming years.

Defi lending platforms act as a mediator for cryptocurrency users to exchange their cryptocurrency for some interest that they get in return.

4. Blockchain medical support app: The new age of technology is being shaped through the blockchain system. Blockchain is expected to shape a wide range of industries, including healthcare. The blockchain system allows the users to share medical files securely between the patient and the doctor.

If you are thinking to invest in the healthcare industry then developing a blockchain healthcare app is the right move.

5. Blockchain money transfer app: Did you know how the creators of Paytm were inspired to create it in 2010? The need for a digital platform to transfer money online without the need of going to the bank. The advancement in technology has made money transfer online a simple task, But the main task is to transfer it securely. This is what has led to the invention of blockchain technology.

Unlike regular online payment apps where banks act as an intermediary, in blockchain, there is no need for an intermediary as the transaction is securely made from the payer to the receiver.

6. VR travel app: Because of the pandemic many have missed out on many things and everyone wants to travel around the world to tour and have fun. The creation of VR traveling apps has become the answer for people who want to travel. This mobile app allows you to travel and see places in real-time without being physically present there,

By 2023 the market of VR traveling apps is expected to reach a worth of 304million US dollars.

7. Virtual fitness app: The main aim of the virtual fitness app is to make you sweat right at your home without going to the gym. The training and instructions on how to work out are delivered through the digital media and file format.

The customer can workout fro anywhere he wants according to his comfort zone.

8. Food donation app: Over a billion people are hungry around the world and nearly one-third of the food goes into the bins every day. This is unfortunate, right?

To solve this issue an app needs to be developed where volunteers may register themselves and request people and restaurants to donate leftover food, which is later distributed to the needy. Besides serving a good cause you can also earn money by letting people donate to support your charitable cause.

9. Matrimony app: Matrimony apps have generated a net worth of 3.9 billion dollars in India alone in 2021. These days matrimony apps are working as the best platforms to match grooms with their brides and vice versa. You can charge for the accounts created on the app for matching them with their opposite gender.

10. On-demand pet care app: An on-demand pet care app is a boon for pet parents who want to attend to their pet’s grooming needs without leaving the comfort of their home. In 2019 the pet care app market was worth 3.2 billion and is expected to grow by 8.7% every year.


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