Android Development

432 million smartphones have been sold in the last quarter of 2016, and 352 million of them ran Android. Million applications have been developed for Android with over 25 billion downloads. Android smartphone shipments are forecast to exceed 1.2 billion units in 2018 with a 85% market share.This makes Android the absolute king of the market. Android phones are an accomplished consumer and enterprise tool across the globe.

Today major business entities like Walmart, Amazon, Bank of America have engaged themselves to sell through mobiles, mobile application development is witnessing a transformation.

Ahex Technologies with awesome team of Android app developers deliver quality Android apps to startups, SMBs as well as established enterprises. We offer native Android app development services & solutions to create unique business value, ROI for your enterprise and help in achieving competitive edge. Our team specialize in Mobile User Interface Designing, Backend Computing, Programming, Business Expertise Android Platform. Below is details of skill set and exposure android developer at Ahex has got


Ahex consists of dedicated Android specialist developers which have excellent skillset to deliver what you demand in an Android app. Combination of their skill & experience and our cutting-edge technology produces symphony in android application development.


Experience & expertise

If quality is something you’re after, you should be considerate whom you outsource your app development efforts to.


Latest Technologies

Android isn’t the same it was in 2011. It has added more features and supports more technologies than ever before.


Quality apps

Our thorough quality check and
quality assessmentprocess assure the app is in a near perfect condition before it hits the market


Flexible pricing

Availing our Android app development services doesn’t mean you have to pay the quoted price upfront. You can pay as per your convenience.


Cloud team

A dedicated cloud team that works on your project round the clock and is within your reach whenever you want, Skype, phone or chat.


Free consultation

If you have drew a rough plan how your app will work. We may want to look at it when you avail our app consultation services.

Team Skills

Below is details of skill set and exposure our Ahex android developer has got.

  • List View, Calendar View, Grid view, Recycler view
  • Localization, QR code scanning
  • GPS, Google Map
  • SQLite Services
  • BroadcastReceiver, Material Grid design,Web Services/Api Integration
  • Push notification using FCM, Pushwoosh Socket API implementation.
  • android_skill

    Libraries Used

  • Volley Library for web services integration
  • CrashLytics
  • Paypal and PayUMoney for payment integration
  • Facebook SDK for login, posting to wall, google+ SDK for login
  • Twitter, youtube, Fitbit NEST SDK/Thermostats /Philips Hue



  • Improved productivity of individual employees
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Better sales experience for both customers and sales staff
  • Improvement in communication
  • B2C

  • Easy installation
  • Greater user engagement
  • Painless sofeware upgrades for end users
  • Custom service experience for uders (location based services)
  • Easy payment options

    With Ahex, you can rest assured that your application or next big idea is in right hand. Our team of experts not only develop your application but also advise you wherever required, to make your idea / application more successful.

    Ahex Technologies is a preferred choice of many business groups for the various services we offer including Android and iOS app development, eCommerce development, IoT app development, customised web based solutions, staff augmentation, enterprise portal development, support and maintenance.

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    Experience across different industries

    We have extensive experience working with brands, enterprises, and startups across the globe. Our Android app developers have expertise in developing custom Android Apps for mentioned domains and industries.



    Want Us To Develop a Successful Android App For Your Industry?


    Photo & Videos


    Health & Fitness


    Transportation & Logistics


    On-demand Solutions


    Education & Learning


    Banking & Finance


    Food & Drinks


    Social Networking


    eCommetce & Shopping

    Our Android App Development Process

    Mobile app development process typically includes analysis, design, development, deployment, and post-launch phases



    • Requirement Gathering.
    • Gap Analysis.
    • Adding inputs to make idea more viable and concrete.



    Information Architecture:

    We begin this process by writing down a list of features we want the app to perform and a list of what needs to be displayed somewhere in the app. These are the basic building blocks with which we will build the wireframes.

    Tools :Whiteboards, Pencil & paper


    We create pathways how users can travel within

    Tools :Whiteboards, Pencil & paper, Invision



    In this process, we create screens and assigning each functions and data.

    Tools : Whiteboards, Pencil & paper, Balsamiq

    Click through models:

    We begin this process by writing down a list of features we want the app to perform and a list of what needs to be displayed somewhere in the app. These are the basic building blocks with which we will build the wireframes.



    Style Guides:

    Style guides are basically the building blocks app’s design. Having a sound style guide will help tremendously with our app’s usability. There is a lot that goes into determining an app’s style guide so we need to know who our customers will be.


    Tech Stack

    Front End (the mobile app):

    For front-end development, there are basically 3 approaches. They are platform-specific native, cross-platform native, and hybrids. We will go with following approach

    Platform-specific Native

    Apps built with this approach are written separately for each mobile platform. Code can’t be reused between Android and iOS, but these apps can be fully optimized for each platform. The UI can look entirely native (so it will fit in with the OS) and the app should work fluidly. The apps have the higher visibility in the respective stores.This is very much tried and tested.

    Tools :Whiteboards, Pencil & paper


    We create pathways how users can travel within

    Technology Stack : Java, XML, Android Studio, Android Sdk, Objective C, Xcode

    Back-end (web API & Server):

    Mobile app need to communicate to remote server and DB lying on it, so REST base API will be used to establish communication between mobile and web client and server and same backend solution will be used for both web and mobile client. The server is responsible for much of our app’s performance and scalability.

    Technology Stack : PHP, Laravel, Mysql, Nginx, Composer

    FRONT-END (WEB APP) Front-end ( web app )

    Technology Stack : HTML, CSS, Angular, Sass, Bootstrap, Javascript



    At Ahex Technologies, we have a very well defined software development process, which has helped us in delivering high quality and reliable end products to our clients within the specified budget and timelines. At Ahex, we follow agile approach towards developing a software product. With this approach we have a greater control over the quality of the end product, reduces risks of missing scope and also gives client opportunity to update / modify the requirements.

    Component Architecture:

    For Agile with Discipline development, our key practice is to define a web/mobile application functional architecture into a number of collaborating components; analyze the major technical concerns that affect the solution; and prioritize architecture decisions. We focus on how the solution will be built to ensure resilience and maintainability by creating a set of pluggable components that can be enhanced or even replaced individually as technology evolves.

    Iterative Development:

    Our practice is to create any web application in increments. Each increment is completed in a fixed period of time, commonly known as a sprint in the agile world. A completed sprint will produce a tested application available to integrate and run from a cloud environment. Sprints are reviewed, and lessons learned are applied to future sprints planning. Depending on the business objectives, sometimes we complete multiple sprints, perform end-to-end regression testing and then go live to production.

    Continuous Development:

    Our practice in an Agile with Discipline approach is to use our cloud and DevOps solutions to rapidly provision development and test environments and to establish automated build and deployment processes. When team members integrate their work frequently (at least daily), it reduces the occurrence of regression and integration problems.

    Continuous Communication:

    We believe that communication is the most important aspect of the product development process. The project manager assigned to your project is not only responsible for planning, executing and keeping the project development in accordance with the requirement but is also responsible to communicate the client with day to day progress of the work.

    Repository Management:

    We maintain the code repository of your project using git based tools, which keeps your project change history in a secure way and provide fail safe options to recover the work done in case of failures. It also keep you updated with the work done on your codebase on daily basis.




    As our mobile app require a server back-end to function so web servers will be responsible for transferring data to and from the app. We will be using AWS services like EC2, S3, Route53 and RDS 53, etc to deploy our backend solution.

    Server configuration will be dependent on number of concurrency, traffic, computing, storage. Please refer below link to know more details


    Submitting your apps to the app stores is a moderately involved process. We will make sure our apps are properly configured for release, help you fill out several forms for each store, submit screenshots.

    Additionally, Apple manually reviews all apps submitted to their app store. It is possible they will request you make changes to your app to better comply with their regulations. We will help you to discuss these changes with Apple and get them to accept your app as-is. Once your app is submitted, it will be live in Google later that day and in Apple within a few days, assuming everything goes smoothly.



    Even After going, this requires updates include fixes, performance improvements, changes, and new features. Thorough monitoring is essential to best understand what sort of updates are needed. Here are a few things should be monitored


    There are numerous libraries that can be used to reliably track app crashes. We use crashlytics libraries include information about what the user was doing, what device they were on, and plenty of technical info that is crucial for your development team in resolving the problem. Apps can be configured to send an email/text/alert when crashes occur.


    After deployment we need to have extensive performance monitoring in place to know how many times an action occurred and how long that action took. We also put alerts in place to let us know if a particular action is slower than expected, so we can quickly look to see if there are any issues. These performance tools typically have dash-boarding, reporting, and alerting functionality included.

    Tools: Prometheus


    Modern app analytics systems gives us plenty of information. We can integrate such tools can help you understand who is using your apps (age, gender, location, language, etc.) and how they are using it (time of day, time spent in app, screens viewed in app, etc.). You can use this information to best understand where to invest future efforts.

    Tools: Google Analytics

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