Rise of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Rise of Artificial Intelligence and how it’s making communication 3.0 more seamless in Dynamic Recruitment Industry

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Predictive Analytics which were coined acronyms in late 90’s and early 2000’s are a thing of present and future. Technology has grown leaps and bounds and we are left with no imperative but from an organization viewpoint to embrace the platforms as per our contextual usage.

On this front the HR industry where I have invested close to around 25 years of my valuable time in reputed organizations has migrated from the conventional reference based model to an intuitive based dynamic communicative model.

With Digitalization being imperative many tech titans are losing out on legacy migration aspect and issues. Here is where reskilling becomes the need of the hour as it is all about getting out of the comfort zone where conventional business units have well established themselves in.

What was HR on Cloud in early 2010 (RaaS) is now being mapped with Artificial Technology in present IoT era. It is bridging communication gap between firms and recruits. Yes there are micro backlashes that AI and technology will replace human connect in workforce; however there is also widespread optimism and acceptance when it comes to machine learning and its implementation from HR thought leaders.

Taking a cue, when we try to map AI usage and its adaptability in the HR industry we observe that it’s not about finding the right talent for the right job. It is about bridging the communication gap between potential recruits and a company through the hiring/recruitment process. It’s all about being connected in present context and yes breaking the ice and making the candidate feel at ease.

Yes with usage of any software comes with it its own share of challenges and mitigations. But when we outweigh the pros and cons we have to go with the latter eventually.

Today with the help of AI a doctor can diagnose what’s wrong with his patient remotely, a teacher can personalize his learning pedagogy, and a recruiter can find best talent for a specific job role. So we see evolution happening daily. We need to learn to upscale ourselves when it comes to the connect factor in technology.

Yes Talent Acquisition has not been able to evolve much through history. It has remained what we call as a “Closed Glass Door” administrative function. But external disruptor from social transparency to competition and machine learning are making it crucial for the industry to evolve.

We are witnessing what we call as a paradigm shift from a reactive industry where job openings were via internal job postings or on reference based models to a proactive model where AI can smart size the requirements after analyzing gaps within organizations departmentally and suggests whether it is better to hire internally or externally.

This is where AI creates a new infusion for the HR vertical leaders. If a company decides to go external AI platform will auto-create a job description, source talent and also figure out who amongst the potential recruits are the most suitable for the role, and even initiate conversational communication with them on a machine based platform.

It definitely has an upper hand from a brand building and crisis communication per say as “A lot of candidates complain that they don’t get to hear back. There’s this black hole plaguing this sector that it’s not personalized; there’s no experience in that area. Your AI could pro-actively reach out and say let’s schedule a time to re-connect,” and that’s where being intuitive in communication is all about which AI definitely has the upper hand in and we welcome industries who have embraced this model.

Take the case of IBM Watson, its AI platform for business, is capable of initiating communication with potential recruits so that companies don’t lose out on best fits and can even schedule a meeting for them with hiring managers and can take recruitment 3.0 successfully to the next level ahead.

We will definitely see a context where increased adoption of AI and machine learning will also improve skilling and re-skilling scenarios. That’s where Ahex Technologies  a pioneer in re-skilling across various sectors with more than a decade of expertise comes into picture as people are street-smart to learn skills without any significant external pressure within a very short span of time.

The good news, therefore, is even though there is a lot of disruption in technology, from a skill perspective; the adaptation and re-skilling is going to get easier and we are looking forward to partner who welcome us in this exciting journey ahead.