How to create an online food ordering system for your restaurant

  • how to create online food ordering system

Have you ever wondered why you need an online food ordering system for your restaurant? Well, let us give you some food for the thought. World wide 971.5 million people use online food ordering systems to get their food and the gross amount generated through online food ordering systems is $339.573millions and is expected to increase in the coming years.

If you have a restaurant or a takeaway joint you might face the problems like managing operations costs, attracting and retaining customers, payroll issues, and inventory management.

  These issues can be solved by creating an online food ordering system for your restaurant. Yes, a simple online ordering system that is customized according to your needs can manage your entire business in one place.

At Ahex we have developed enough food ordering systems to put our expertise into use and create a seamless online food ordering system for the readers. Given below is a complete guide on how to create a perfect online ordering system for your restaurant by Ahex.

4 steps to develop your online ordering system:

1. Define your objective: Creating a platform for your business is good but it is better when you build it for a specific reason. You need to identify the main objective of your for developing an online ordering system for your restaurant. Given below are some questions that might help you define your objectives.

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve by building an online food ordering system?
  • In which area does your business need improvement?
  • How can you reach new customers?
  • Do you want the process of ordering and delivering easy for you and your customers?
  • Do you want to create a buzz about your business?
  • What is the final output you are expecting from the online ordering system?

2. Define your functionality: after defining your objectives the next step is to decide how you are going to function to achieve those objectives. But how will you identify the required functionalities? Here are a few points which may come in handy to define your functional requirements.

  • First, note down all your objectives and functionalities
  • Study your competitor 
  • Get an idea from the market about which platform you need
  • Think about other functionalities which will give you an edge over others in the market.

3. Make a budget: the next big step is to create a budget for your online food ordering system. Everything needs a smartly planned budget to make the business grow rapidly. Here are a few points to remember while creating your budget.

  • Don’t be too firm with your budget. Keep some room to flex your budget wherever and whenever it is necessary.
  • Do not spend too much of your budget on the food ordering system if you are getting essential functions on a low budget.

4. Search for an app or software developer: after all the things have been decided the next big step is to find a developer who has the experience in developing such food ordering systems and has a good name in the market.

Ahex technologies are the best partner for you to develop an excellent online food ordering system as we put all our expertise into use to help you with your business.

How do food ordering systems work?

The online food ordering system works in a simple way. Given below are points laid out by us to help you understand how the system works in an easy and simple manner.

  1. The customer has a mobile application to view the menu of your restaurant and other restaurants if the application is a third-party representative.
  2. Customer types the name of the restaurant which they want to find and select their food.
  3. The customer orders the food by confirming the order
  4. The customer needs to select the payment method i.e, online payment or COD. the order is then received by the restaurant.
  5. The restaurant processes the order and prepares and packs the meal.
  6. The restaurant places the order to the delivery batch and the delivery person picks up the order.
  7. The delivery person then delivers the customer’s order.

Key features of online food ordering software:

The key features play an important role in making the online food ordering system easy to navigate through the app a customer. Always include functions that make the customers work less to make an order. Make a system that is naturally interactive and focused on the target audience.

With our experience and knowledge in web and mobile application solutions, Ahex can make the presence of any food joint or restaurant felt online with our well-planned and already used functionalities listed below.

Searching menu: This allows users to search different restaurants and food joints in the search bar. It also displays its menu online

Order placement: An easy-to-order feature that allows the user to select and order the required dish with only a few taps on the screen.

Tracking of delivery: With the real-time tracking system, it becomes easy for both the customer and the delivery agent to update their locations and coordinate easily.

Payment gateway: Integrate your app with payment gateways like razor pay, Paytm, etc making it easy for the customer to place the order. Also, implement a credit/debit card option to make multi payments available. 

Benefits of online food ordering system:

If you own a restaurant and have an online food ordering system, this makes your customers order food from your restaurant from wherever they want. This gives you a better edge over your competitors. 

Given below are some points to prove how you get the edge over your competitors.

Analyze and boost sales: The analysis gives the exact data about the visitors per week, orders per week, abandoned orders, and which item is in demand. This data can be used to boost your sales by engaging more with customers.

Efficient customer management: The customer relationship management system is in effect right from the moment the order is placed till it is delivered to the customer. All food delivery giants have this system to manage their customer relationships.

Brand promotion: The online food ordering system creates a platform for marketing by generating coupons and offers to retain your customers. The users of the app can also promote your brand on social media platforms.

Enhance business operations: The online ordering system for restaurants is a systematic structure to improve and simplify the efficiency of the ordering process for both customers and restaurants. It maximizes the manual data accuracy and security during the order placement process. Bringing every requirement to one place makes all the business operations quite easy.

How Ahex can help you?

At Ahex technologies we have helped various food businesses, hubs, joints, cafes, and restaurants to double their income through online food ordering systems and apps like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. From food ordering system design to deploying an application to the App Stores, our mobile app experts have a strong understanding of an algorithm for food ordering systems and will take care of your requirements no matter what type of restaurant mobile application you want for your restaurant.