How to Create an AWS account and host your Application On AWS with S3.

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Overview :

In order to serve static webpages ,hosting can be achieved in simple procedural steps instead to create mess by opting  use of virtual machine where we need to setup and configure a Web Server, manage Operating System and Software updates, manage load-balancing and all the phases of fun that comes with it like server rotation, load distribution strategies and testability, installing security certificates, delegation permissions, user roles and many more.

 To help you out of all these chaos, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) helps to serve Static web pages which includes frontend content such as HTML, JS, CSS, Images & etc. AWS S3 is storage on  the Internet.. You can accomplish these tasks using the simple and intuitive web interface of the AWS Management Console.

 Amazon Web Services offer quite a neat solution, meet AWS S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service. It is described by Amazon as a “object storage with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. It is designed to deliver great  durability, and scale past trillions of objects worldwide”. In other words, this service can be described as a very reliable, auto-scaling, highly-customized Dropbox for developers (funny enough Dropbox uses S3 as a file storage facility). The pricing model revolves around file transfer and space used, but honestly, it’s quite cheap.It offers a free tier subscription of 12 months.

 To know more about Dynamic web pages (Includes frontend & backend) hosting with help of EC2 you can follow these links, as I m going restrain blog in Static web pages hosting with S3 


To gather a deep knowledge on AWS S3 follow below links:

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So these are simple step which you need to follow in order to host your Static web page app on AWS S3.

The steps are simple just go to 

Step 1: Create your free AWS Account.



Step 2:  You need to share your contact info.


Step 3:  You have  to share your payment information.

Don’t worry AWS will deduct small amount to verify your details which is refundable.


Step 4: your phone number verification.

The system screen will display 4 digit number which you need to enter during call once its verified you need to click on continue after which you will directed to  AWS home page.

Now from product select AWS simple storage service(s3) or click on button in corner named as Sign in to the console enter credentials.


 Step 5: Create a new S3 bucket

Create a new S3 bucket, just keep in mind the bucket needs to be unique,upload your files, enable ‘website hosting’ and configure bucket policy to allow read-only for anybody. Just follow these screenshots:


Click on create at last after you are navigated to above tab :Name and region, Set properties, Set permission and Review. If you forget and want to change it later, you need to click on bucket name you created(refer arrow in this screenshot), from there you can switch by choosing any option (refer arrow in this screenshot)


Step 6: Selecting Static web hosting

Now select ‘Static Website Hosting’, enable it.


Define the default index file (i.e. index.html) and now you can navigate to the endpoint provided in the ‘Static Website Hosting’ section(as highlighted below) to test your application. As a sanity check open a new browser in-private mode to ensure you’re not browsing the website as an authenticate AWS user and copy the end point generated in your case.


Step 7:  Manage files and directory structure

Follow file and folder structure in proper way to launch your applications to get desired output.


Click this Link :Help link in order to provide you with more info folder structure.

This blog is mainly focused on to every small important  steps which a viewer will need to host simple Static web pages with help of  AWS (Amazon S3 ).  I have tried to add all screen shots and info at each step to land you in better platform of static hosting.

Hope so this blog will be helpful in your problems related to web pages hosting.

Feel free to post your comment related to blog topic. As its my first blog I will feel great to know about your feedback, query and how this blog helped you in your prob, it will help me to improvise it.