Factors to keep in mind for building a health care app

  • Factors to keep in mind for building a health care app

If you are an entrepreneur or someone who cares for the betterment of people and want to build a healthcare app then you have come to the right place. Here you will know how to create a health app.

Health care app market overview:

A survey has found that one out of every 10 persons uses a health tracker or wellness app which includes fitness, yoga, diet, and nutrition apps. Covid 19 left many people shut in their homes and people shifted to fitness and healthcare apps to stay fit while being indoors.

From this, we can know that mobile health care app usage has increased too. This growth can be observed in different countries in the world like India, the USA, Italy, etc. your company can also grow with the demand for such apps on a global scale.

People don’t necessarily use health apps only if they have some health problems, but also to track and monitor their diet and health. And many health care apps provide diet plans and simple fitness tips and knowledge to the users.

Types of healthcare applications:

  • Lifestyle tracking app: such apps are designed to track the vitals and lifestyle of the users based on their heart rate, sleeping style, physical activity,  food intake, etc. some apps also have special features for pregnant women to track fetal development. Other unique features based on the condition of the person can also be designed.
  • Fitness app: these apps provide personalized coaching and guidance to people who want to be more fit in their life. The user can do workouts like running, swimming,  etc to boost their fitness. Some apps have special workout classes for people with no gym equipment. You may have witnessed many such apps on the play store.
  • Counseling app: such apps allow the user to book sessions with doctors, therapists, and counselors. Such apps are great for non-emergency issues where a little talk with the specialist would do the thing.

Must-have Features in a Healthcare/Fitness app:

Healthcare should have a vast range of apps according to the purpose they are built for. However there are some key features that every app should include and they are,

  1. User profile: A user should be able to control the data that is being managed by the app to edit his profile. Most health app creators ask for information like medical records, weight, height, etc to provide a personalized experience through AI.
  2. Dashboard: If you create a health app without a dashboard, all your users will be confused. Thus there should be a dashboard to provide an overview of the user’s health. The dashboard works like an overall summary of the health in a visual form that the user can interact with.
  3. Notifications: Always keep notifications interactive with the users. They should require the user to do some activity based on app suggestions. Therefore notifications can keep the users known of their health.
  4. Cloud integration: the data should be always accessible to the doctor and the patient as well. Cloud integration enables both to do some anytime and anywhere and share data from any device.
  5. Secure payments: you always need a secure payments processing feature that doesn’t allow the user data to leak anywhere. Payments options should also be smooth, seamless, and have a nice user experience.

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