Digital Transformation

1. DT definition continues to bedevil corporations. seriousdifferences here.

2. Since CIO is increasingly getting involved in DT, the definition is getting even more narrower. not broader as was initially expected.

3. Digital related Technologies are getting  easier to comprehend for most corporations. So, is the improved delivery capabilities of most vendors.

4. Many startups are offering serious value propositions can cannot be ignored.

5. Ecosystem large IT players are playing a better curationrole for selecting startups for PoCs and subsequent contracting. This role (i think it was pioneered by Accenture; pls fact check me on  it) of Ecosystem player is truly useful in contracting startups for corporations, who do not have mandates to go beyond the big IT players.

6. DT has created tremendous excitement, but has equal number of sceptics. Especially, in the buyer / user  organisations.

7. User industry thinking is very different from IT industry thought process. IT industry is ignoring this aspect to its own detriment.

8. User industry senior leadership is enthusiastic about the tech industry offerings, but very sceptical about their business understanding – both  at functional level and at financial benefits levels.

9. IT Industry has great talent in all levels. But, has a tendency to over-sell, especially when more ground work is required. This over-selling nearly always comes back to haunt the CIO and the CEO. Be aware of that. Atleast.

10. There is serious need of transformation in most organisations. Boards and CEOs are aware of it. They want to use this tech opportunity to initiate wide ranging transformations. BUT

11. BUT. the leadership from user end and provider end is either over selling or under selling. clearly leaving the theboards highly unimpressed.

12. Big opportunities in working out clear methodologies of actual business transformation and measurable financial returns to mid to large corporations. No serious takers yet.