Creating a flutter mobile app, It’s market presence and benefits.

  • Creating a flutter mobile app, It's market presence and benefits.

The biggest advantage of flutter app development is that it enables the building of cross-platform apps with ease for both android and Ios platforms simultaneously. 

In addition to this flutter, programming saves money as well as time when compared to natively developed apps. This means you don’t have to hire two teams to develop two different apps for different platforms.

This article helps you to understand why you need flutter development to build your app.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform app development app from Google. This tool kit allows developers to create an app for both Android and IoS from a single code source.

You don’t need to create a new code for various platforms. With a flutter, it is easy to create a cross-platform app because it uses an already ready-made code base and widgets.

Market presence of Flutter:

The world of development is greatly affected by the phenomenon of mobile apps. With over 3.6 billion mobile users worldwide, creating and developing a mobile app in an easy and quick way is very important.

 In 2021 there were only two famous platforms to build an app and they were React Native and Flutter. Aboutb42% of developers choose React and 39% choose Flutter to build their respective apps. 

 Flutter is said to grow in the coming years because it is cost-effective and you can develop an app for multiple platforms by using the same codes. Already 2 Million developers use Flutter and it is being used by 500,000 users on a monthly basis. 

        Countries such as Kenya, China, Bangladesh, Japan, and Jordan use Flutter to create their apps and these apps are very successful in the market because they are based on the Flutter framework. When compared with 2020 the percentage of Flutter users grew from 30% to 39% in 2021 and is said to grow even more in the coming years.

Advantages of using Flutter:

  1. Fast code writing: basically developers need to write codes, wait for them to compile, and then load them onto the device to see it work and see changes. With a flutter, they can write and see the changes almost instantly without any delay.
  2. Large community support: because flutter is a toll on google it is backed by continuous updates and fixes by Google. And while working on Flutter you can see that the speed is significantly more than similar technologies in the market. the flutter development community is growing by leaps and bounds every day.
  3. Similar to the native app: the Flutter uses an internal graphic engine known as Skia to render the software. Flutter apps are literally indistinguishable from natively developed apps this is because Flutter doesn’t depend on intermediate code representations and interpretations.
  4. Own rendering engine: the problem with many cross-platform apps is that they look the same on both android and ios. For companies that need material designs for Android and dHuman interface, Flutter is the best option to choose. It contains sets of widgets for both operating systems.
  5. Simple platform: advanced OS features like GPS, sensor data, permission handling, Bluetooth, etc are provided by Flutter in ready-to-use plugins form. If your app is reliant on OS-level features which are not available as plugins, then Flutter can establish communication between its dart programming language and native code using platform channels.
  6. Quick time to market: the biggest advantage of Flutter is you don’t need to hire two teams to create an app on two platforms. Another major advantage is the fast time to market.For example, it is hard to predict whether your android and Ios app will release first, but with Flutter as you work simultaneously on both apps you can predict the exact date for the launch of the app and save time.
  7. Beautiful UI: the framework offers a distinctive set of pleasing widgets. The library also keeps improving with various interface components. Thus a smaller development team can build a beautiful app with Flutter.
  8. Cost-effective: every company tries to be cost-effective. While working on Native apps, the business owners should pay twice once for the android platform and others for the Ios platform. With Flutter, you need to pay only once to only one team as the app is being developed simultaneously for both platforms.

Why you should try Flutter?

Below are some outstanding features of flutter if still, you are doubting whether to go with flutter or not:

  • Native performance
  • Expressive UI
  • Single code for front and back end process
  • Open-source project
  • Perfect MVP
  • Fast code development
  • Suitable for any type of platform

Why choose Ahex technologies to build your app?

Ahex has been in the Flutter App development industry for quite a long time and by teaming up with us you are avoiding all the hassle of doing things yourself. We handle all the software development steps so that you can come up with outside-the-box ideas to implement. Whatever features you want to have in your app Ahex can help you make it happen.