Tools that are helping employees to work from home in this COVID pandemic

We all aware of the fact that COVID has changed everyone’s lifestyle especially the working style of the organizations. To engage in our daily lives, working in an office was mandatory but after COVID, there are a lot of technologies that made life easy for employees by adopting to work from home. Mentioned a few of the tools below which is helping employees to cope up with the work.


E-mail is an important strategy to track the employee’s work and to reach out to the customer in a simpler way. Project-related updates/talks, schedules of meeting everything will be communicated via email. It is being so helpful after and before pandemic too. The most effective communication tool among all others is E-mail. It has proven its efficiency and importance of using pre and post-COVID.

Social Media:

We know that this Pandemic made it difficult to reach out a customer, but business people started using social media as also a tool to be in touch with the customers. By continuously posting about the company, designs, targets, products – employees are able to reach out to the customers even closer. It also helps workers to adapt to customer’s changing needs. 


To share large files via email is quite difficult since it has MB restrictions and with Dropbox, we can share large files easily and workspace which offers an attractive feature to manage remote employees. Employees are able to sync and share the documents.

Video Conferencing Apps:

Zoom and Teams are the major Video conferencing applications that is been used by employees to get in touch with the management and share feedback among team members. Employees can share their screen to give the presentation/demo with the use of these video conferencing apps. It made life so much easier and via video calls, it gives the feel of an office environment.

Hub staff

It helps to keep track of employee’s activity during the tasks that are assigned to them. It has online timesheets, schedules and even screen recording. Employers can even track their GPS, invoicing project budgeting, etc.

Go To Meeting

It is one of the renowned platforms for audiovisual meetings where team members can share their desktops and do a presentation. It helps to meet the clients often using their computer, tablet or even smartphone. In this changing work culture, virtual meetings have become one of the important things to normalize the work-life balance of employees


It is platform-independent remote access that can be used to access personal computers from other devices. This remote connection is faster and effective than any other remote access tool. If any other IT problem occurs, this provides the solution with ease, since another person can access the desktop and solve the issue in a minute.


It is a free Xfinity Wifi that provides hotspots that will be available including non-Xfinity subscribers.


At work from home, meeting HR and dealing with issues become a tedious process than the usual one. These HRIS mobile app capabilities are enormous which provides employee self-service that makes a way to communicate with HR with their needs and answers

Shared calendars

It made employees focus on their hours of working on projects, meetings and other things via a shared calendar. It’s a trackable tool where management can easily know where their employees are at, in the project.

Screen recording tools

It is used to take just a quick screenshot or recording screen of your own and share it with the team. Computer built-in tools might be complicated and it will mess it up sometimes. So using apps like zappy makes the work easier and efficient. Anyone can use this tool and there is no restriction on it.

To-do list apps

Most people use their message inbox to list their daily works or spreadsheet to do it. But there are many To-do list apps available that are usable according to the corporate. Instead of using pen and paper, employees can prefer using this app.

Note-taking apps

People use sticky notes to take notes or list their daily works which may consume a total space of the desktop and that looks so clumsy and unprofessional way to do it.

Instead, there are apps just to take note of which saves data and ease of access. This helps employees to stay organized which comes with a web-clipping feature. Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote are the most widely used tool for note-taking.

Focus Apps:

We struggle most of the time with the temptation in checking the status of projects, emails, meetings and other works constantly. Some apps can temporarily block the sites that we specifically assigned to and limit the amount of time that we can spend on our projects that we want to.It is being so helpful mainly in COVID times. Since everyone is working from home there may be a lot of distractions. And this app helps to stay focused on one thing. It also provides a break time which can be used by an employee to concentrate on other things and finish it and return to work.

Online backup

The fear of losing important files due to a computer crash or by accident cannot be stated enough. At these times Online backup plays a crucial role in restoring the data. There are apps like Backblaze which is enabled to back up the passwords and files we had. It is the most efficient app to use in recent days.


No matter how bad the situation turns, there will be always a way to get back to what we had. COVID destroyed many people, changed the normal lifestyles of people but it also helped us to make life easy via technology. And now we are able to connect with people closer than before. Thanks to technology.