Spring Development

An open source highly flexible application framework that can be used by JVM based systems to build apps and systems that are fast, flexible and portable. Spring is also one of the most widely used development frameworks for applications in Java. Its active community provides a well-supported backend for all kinds of application requirements.

Spring framework came about in 2003 and was released under the Apache 2.0 license. One reason for Spring to be quite popular is the fact that it is light-sized as well as transparent. The size it occupies is minimal that the basic version of the Spring framework is just 2 MB.

The J2EE development is made easier with Spring Framework. Also, the reason why the Spring Framework is known as the Framework of Frameworks is that it provides support to other Frameworks as well. Spring supports Hibernate, Tapestry, EJB, JSF, Struts, etc.

While using J2EE many problems arose such as:

  • The coding process was complex
  • Problems associated with component look-up was present
  • The biggest demerit was the fact that J2EE was a heavy application and hence slowed down the overall performances.

The key benefits of using Spring Framework are as follows:

Development of Enterprise-Class Applications:

With the help of POJOs, Spring can help developers in developing Enterprise-class applications. The use of an EJB container product is eliminated when you use only POJOs.

Modular Arrangement:

Since the arrangement is modular, it is easy to make use of the classes that you require and ignore the rest. Though Spring consists of a large number of packages and classes, one can very easily find the packages that they need and discard the rest.

Incorporation of other technologies:

Spring inculcates other technologies such as different ORM frameworks, Quartz, and JDK Timers, JEE along with other view technologies.

Application testing made much more comfortable:

The code is environment- dependent hence, application testing is made much easier. Also, usage of Dependency Injection becomes more manageable with the usage of JavaBeanstyle POJO.

Ideal choice

An alternative to other frameworks because Spring framework it is a well-designed MVC framework.

Built-in templates

These provide numerous templates for Hibernate, JPA, etc. The need to write a lot of codes is eliminated this way.

Declarative Support

For processes such as caching, validation, transactions, formatting, etc Spring development provides declarative support.

Development of different applications

Apart from the development of regular applications, Spring can also be used for developing standalone GUI applications, applets and web applications.

Some key features:

  • Spring batch: This supports powerful batch processing framework
  • Spring Data: From relational to NoSQL data stores, the data access is made simple.
  • Spring Social: Provides integration with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and so on.
  • Spring Security: For security purposes, a robust security framework is provided.

We at Ahex technologies have a team of well-experienced developers specializing in Spring frameworks. The applications we design are productive to a large extent. Improvement in quality and performance are two key aspects that we have been focusing on for the past few years. Feel free to contact us if you are looking forward to an ideal team of Spring developers. At Ahex, we strive to offer you the best services possible because client satisfaction is our primary priority.

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