InstituteBoard Solution

InstituteBoard : Embody your Institute

InstituteBoard provides platform for Training Businesses to create their presence on android and iOS Store. It helps institute to reach out to lakhs of mobile device user out there looking for training for different courses. This solution is packaged with web based admin panel and mobile apps for ios and android platform. Institute Owner can have full control over app and content they want to provide to students.

The InstituteBoard solution has many features which helps the institution to maintain their overall information and can provide learning resources to users.


App Highlights :

  • Institution can create their profile by adding complete details like about Institute and its offering with image slider option in app controlled by admin panel.
  • Information about the courses can be provided to the applicants with all the details.
  • App has got integration with popular video platforms like youtube, vimeo so using admin panel institute can publish videos already available on these platform along with uploading physical video files.
  • Admin can set priority of these videos.
  • Admin can also upload ebooks for different courses using existing pdf urls and with physical pdf files as well.
  • Different study material like ebooks, video lectures can be available for the users and they can download it also.
  • Information about the location of institution according to the country and states can be made available for the user.
  • Event information can also be made available.
  • Information based on the infrastructure of the institution can be made available for the applicants.
  • Any information can be added or deleted as per the requirement.
  • This solution basically remove the barrier between the institution and the applicants through building a proper communication channel.


Some key importance are as follows:

  • Reliability
  • Mobile in nature
  • User friendly
  • Transparency in institution
  • Control over management

Reliability: InstituteBoard solution is the most reliable in nature because before providing it to the customer this has passed many quality measures and we provide encryption at the every level where ever is needed.

Mobile in nature: InstituteBoard solution can be accessed by any device as the application can be accessed through android phone or ios phone.

User friendly: The InstituteBoard solution has all the features which is mostly user friendly which can be accessed by any user from any device.

Transparency in institution: InstituteBoard solution creates the transparency among the institution member and students through clear information circulation at every point of time.

Control over management:InstituteBoard solution gives all the basic rights of controlling towards admin which can prevent the chances of any crime and also protect the institution resources from being misused.


Features of InstituteBoard Solution

The features of the InstituteBoard solution can be categorized as follows:

  • Admin features
  • User application features

Admin features
The admin user is for managing the user application as the admin can modify the content of the application and can modify the user rights. There are some important features for the admin user which are as follows:

  • Admin has the control over content of the application, all the content displaying on the application can be edited by the admin as per requirement of institution.
  • Admin user can add or delete the different type of the courses as per the availability in the institution.
  • Study materials can be updated by the admin user.
  • Admin access all the request which were generated by the user through the application.
  • Admin allow the user to create the account for accessing the application.
  • Admin can change the rights of the user as per the requirement.
  • Admin can maintain the user information and also can delete any user.
  • Admin can edit the location of the institution as per the state and country.
  • Queries are managed by the admin as requested by the user.
  • Admin manage the schedule of the courses as per the requirement.

Application features
The user application is basically for android and ios user through which the user can get the clear information about the institution and can access the content of the application. The basic features of the application are as follows:

  • User can get all the information about the institution through application through gallery, slider image, videos etc.
  • User can create profile in the application and can access all the content of the application.
  • The user can get the different type ebooks , video lectures as per courses offered by the institution and also can download it as per the price of content.
  • The user can query any type of information from the institution admin through the application.
  • Courses information are available in the application as offered by the institution.
  • User can locate and track the institution through the application.
  • Through the application the user can purchase books , video , ebooks etc as per provided by institution.
  • User can edit their self information in the application as per the requirement.
  • Application provide regular updates as the changes done by the institution .
  • Application has the least complexity level which make it familiar for the user.
  • This application is also a kind of advertisement tool for the institution.
  • The application takes all the measure for the user privacy level.
  • The user can save the books or other study material for future purchase as per the requirement.


Some more features of InstituteBoard Solution
The InstituteBoard solution have some more reliable features which makes this platform more useful for the institution in solving their most of the issues in reaching to the applicants.Basically these features remove the barrier of communication in between the institution and the applicants.

Creating menu: The institution can create their profile in the InstituteBoard platform and create menu as per the requirement. The menu which consist of institution image slider, course content,schedules, videos, ebooks etc. can be made available for the applicants and through the menu the applicants can choose there option as per their query. So as per this feature the applicant is able to get all the information about the institution and query any thing about the institution.

Adding courses: The institution can add their available courses in this platform and the user can get every information about the course like duration of course,fee structure and requirement for that course. By this feature the institution is able to create the crystal clarity about the available courses which helps the applicants in many ways.

Adding video: This feature is basically enabled by a kind of API through which the institution can publish any video in this platform as per the course content through video platform like youtube or vimeo. The institution can upload the video from their physical storage too and can be made available for the user. The video are made available as the per course content and which helps the user in many ways.

Adding ebooks: Ebooks are basically shows the course content which were available in the institution. The institution can upload the ebooks as per the course content through pdf urls or they can upload physical pdf files too. The user can download these ebooks as per their requirement.

Adding course session: The institution will be consist of many courses of different domain as per their availability so through this platform the institution can define the session for the courses and can decide the duration of the course. The institution have the right to edit the session as per the requirement.

Adding institute branches: The institution may consist of multiple branches and the branches can be altered in the period of time. This platform provide features through which the institution can add their different branches with location which helps the applicants to locate it.

Adding images: The institution always have their main concern of advertisement of their infrastructure and culture so the best way is through slider images. This platform provide method in which the institution can upload the image of their institution of different programs and infrastructure which helps in the process of advertisement and also providing information to the applicants.

Query generation: This feature is basically concerned with the applicants through which they can generate the query for any kind information from the institution and the institution can reply the query according to their priority basis. The priority are managed by the institution as per the criticality of the query.

User management: This platform provide a feature through which the institution can manage the user and decide their rights. The user can do the action in the application as per the rights provided by the institution.

Adding training mode: There are different modes of the classes in the institution which they can set for the applicants as per the availability. These training modes are edited by the institution and the institution can set the priority level for that as per their choice. The institution can also change this mode as per the requirement.

Adding review: This feature is basically provide the right to the user to provide the review to the courses, training procedure, institution infrastructure etc. and according to the review the institution can analyse their system and can do the changes according to that. This feature take care of the privacy level of the applicants.