Create live bootable usb with ubuntu Operating system

Creating a live bootable Ubuntu USB drive is easier. With this method we can install or test the latest Ubuntu without burning it to a DVD. This method is faster and easier for installing the Ubuntu OS on multiple computers.

To make USB as bootable we need 3 things.

1.We have to use ubuntu ISO image file which is available in Ubuntu download official site. Download Here.

2.Use UNetbootin which the simple and best tool to make USB as a bootable. Download Here. 

3.USB device with 4GB or grater.

UNetbootin Application


Creating bootable USB drive.

Step 1:- UNetbootin for windows is not an installable application. Once downloaded run it by double click on it.


  1.Select Diskimage option because it will create the bootable with ISO file.

  2.Browse the downloaded ubuntu ISO file.

  3.Select the space used to preserve files across reboot. (You can select 500MB ).

  4.Select Type as USB Drive.

  5.Select your USB drive. Before selecting your USB drive,  format your USB drive.

  Then click OK button.

Step 2:- UNetbootin extract and copies the Ubuntu OS files into your USB drive.

Wait until it completes 100% and Setting up persistence.


Step 3:- 


Click on Exit. Now your USB is bootable USB drive with Ubuntu OS.

Restart your PC and select USB drive in boot menu. Ready to install Ubuntu OS.