Rental Girl

Case study



Executive Summary

In this modern and busy world running for jobs and eduction, it is highly difficult to go search houses around the city which are suitable for us and is nearby to the place we work or study . And it would be more difficult to people who are new to the city as well. Keeping this in mind there are several startups considering it as a new business ,ventured into the web based platform of real estate through which they can search for flats or houses or sell flats or houses though a web based platform.

Ahex technologies got an opportunity to work on such projects when a client “The Rental Girl” from Los Angeles who is into Real estate requested us to develop a web based platform to sell or buy residential properties in around Los Angeles. This platform makes it easy to the customers who are willing to buy ,sell or rent their properties.

Ahex technologies developed a web based platform that allows users to search for properties in specific areas. It is a centralized platform which can be used by people tenants , landlords and managing rental deeds . This platforms allows the customers to contact agents and also request for the show timing for the house you selected. after which they can apply for the house.

About Client

Client : The Rental Girl.

Client location : Los Angeles.

Industry : RealEstate

Technologies Used

Frontend : Html , Css , Bootstrap , Gulp , Javascript , Angular Js , Sass .

Backend : PHP, Laravel , MySQL , REST.

Vcs : Git

Hosting/development : AWS , Forge.

Third party tool/Api/sdk integration : Paypal , SMS gateway , Mailchimp.

Business Situation

The increasing presence of e-commerce that has evolved in various businesses, our client wanted us to develop the site which could easily provide the buying, selling and renting of houses and properties in the Los Angeles. The majority of people, especially those of youngsters nowadays use mobile devices to search and buy a property. So, having a web application for real estate business is
quite essential to cater to the growing number of mobile users and thus maximize their market reach. Our web application capable of establishing a direct connection between buyers and sellers to make deals successful and it also allows customer to access the site to see the property and then contact to the agent to get further details. It has changed the way clients do their research and approach showings. This allowed customers to save their valuable time and money.

The Ahex Solution

As per our client’s need, The Rental girl which is the most versatile platform needed to help the various people in Los Angeles. Our client wanted us to add the features for not only buying and selling properties securely but also for the landlords, this feature provide the platform for
all the landlords those who wish to sell their properties or want to give them on rent. The platform connects three main users ; the Admin , Agents and the Customers.

Admin : Admin will have access to everything. Admin can add or remove agents and keep an eye on the buyers, sellers and renters of properties.

Agents : Agents have their own access as they update and remove the data about the properties and homes for buyers, seekers and renters.

Customers : Customers need to make an account in addition to look through the houses and properties in the website once they finalize what they want they can contact and fix meeting time with the Agent of that area.

For covering the whole Los Angeles it was divided into small
particular areas which were handled by the agents. For easy understanding we made the UI with the help of HTML and CSS and the backend was done with the help of PHP Laravel . And most importantly the payment gateway used is Paypal.

How the system works?

  • Client can open the website of The Rental Girl in their mobile.
  • When you open the website, the home page of the rental girl appears.
  • In the home page you can see four options displayed, those are leasing team , sales team and the TIC team.
  • Whatever options you select , there will be agents for different areas like Eastside, Westside and Hollywood.
  • We can also search for properties using parameters like cost, number of rooms etc and based on our search it would display the results and gives all information about the particular property

Leasing team:

  • Select the leasing team ,then select area and after selecting area ,it displays the properties available in that area and details about the property . And it also allows you to contact the agent
    and request for a show time.
  • In order to request show time, you need to provide your details and it would display the business hours and then you select time and fix the show time.
  • At the end , if you like the house then you need to apply for it. You need to download the pdf given and pay the screen fee and fill the application.
  • The Rental Girl will collect your application package, process the application and submit to the Property Owner
  • Your application will be approved by the property owner

Sales team :

  • When you select sales team , it would give you details of the sales team lead and you can contact
    her .
  • If you are interested in buying a home, or selling your home or investment property, contact The
    Rental Girl Sales team by filling out the form displayed in the page and would help you sell or
    buy the property.

TIC team :

  • And coming to the TIC TEAM , With generally entry-level pricing, TIC sales offer renters and
    entry level buyers the only possibility to get into homeownership. So instead of one investor
    owning four units, four renters can buy and share that equity. The agents would help you to get
    into TIC in whatever areas you select.
  • If you are interested in TIC then, you need to fill your details in which you would be asked ,if you
    are interested in buying or selling TIC , name , mobile number etc after which the agents would
    contact you

Future Relationship

Ahex technologies successfully delivered the web application to the client and the client was much
more delighted when our team completed the project on time with all the requirements fulfilled.
With the perfection in the work which led to a strong business relationship spanning.

It was a learning experience for Ahex Technologies to work on such projects that are in demand
nowadays especially for the youth who migrate place to place for jobs and education. It was really a
good experience working for such projects that help people save their valuable time and
money.through this application . We consider it as the goal of our company to provide the best
service to people as much as we can.

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