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Ultimate Dairy farm Management & pashupalan app


Executive Summary

India is the world’s largest milk producer, with 22% of global production. Animal husbandry is the backbone of rural economy. It is an added source of income for the rural farmers along with farming. But the average number of animals per farmer and the production of milk per animal are detected to be typically low. Faith in agriculture has already been shattered. The business is in danger as there is no guarantee of a fair price even with the product. It is very rare for a dairy farmer to go from 5 cows to 25 cows in 5 years and to see such a successful milk producer is a wonder.

Powergotha project was started with an aim to help traditional dairy farmers become modern using their services. This team has decided to study various reasons behind the loss for a business that is in high demand. After a time period of 7 years, they came up with a new concept of powergotha. This provides better knowledge on Dairy business, Goat rearing and indigenous poultry farming and also enables the user to browse and order PowerGotha products through their products section which provides seller information with stock details. It helps to keep records of the dairy farm and also provides access to related articles from within the app.

About the client

Location: Maharashtra, India

Industry: Dairy farm equipment supplier

    Business Situation

    Today, most of the dairy farm farmers don’t have correct information on fine details of the business. They additionally lack in practice of ancient methods. The losses within the livestock business are principally due to inadequate knowledge. The farmer becomes helpless and retreats in business. Something should be done regarding it. Nowadays the internet has reached the phone in our hands and therefore the use of social media has enhanced hugely. a great deal of knowledge is out there at the touch of a finger. With this in mind, this pass of Power Gotha has been proposed. Power Gotha will be able to address and guide the numerous difficulties, doubts and queries encountered within the dairy business, goat rearing and backyard poultry business. If money and hard work are combined with strategic planning in these 3 businesses, the farmer can continuously profit.

    The Challenges

    Here are the challenges noticed by PowerGotha.

    • Reasons for failure in Milk business:
      • Ignorance about the fine details of the business
      • Practice of Traditional methods
      • Limitations of funding, financing for dairy farming
      • Apathy – lack of willpower
      • Gross Neglect of the producer by other stakeholders of milk business
    • Issues faced during Goat farming:
      • How to manage a large number of goats?
      • How to do goat-farming in an enclosed space?
      • How to have a professional approach to goat-farming
      • How to maximize profits and which breed to use to
        start goat-farming?
    • Poultry Farming issues:
      • How to start backyard Poultry?
      • How to carry out brooding?
      • Important things to consider.
      • Feed related problem
      • Lack of information is a poultry farming system.

How does it work

  • Powergotha is a modern dairy farm wherein

    • The number of cows reared in the farm is ever increasing. The farmer can also
      opt to sell off new heifers (female calves) to earn a fortune.
    • High quality, high yielding cows are bred right in this Powergotha dairy farm.
    • The farm has all the records of breeding and accounting.
    • The farm has planned for fodder supply for the whole year round in advance – it
      has Silage.
    • Loose housing is practiced. The cows are free to roam, happy and stress free.
      They are fed right and on time.
    • Plenty of clean water available all time.
    • The labour has been trained effectively and clean milk is produced.
    • The farm is unaffected even during the downward trend in milk prices.
    • Low capital expenditure on cow purchase or shed construction

Farmers have the opportunity to add their personal information along with Animal and Farm information. Also, the number of Animals in the farm (Cows, Buffalo, Goats, Hens) can be updated. Timely notifications about pregnancy detection. Provides articles and guidebooks on modern Dairy farming. This helps
farmers keep a tract of reports. Powergotha is available in multiple languages to comfort farmers.

The entire information on how to improve the dairy farming industry, how to make
profits is provided under the “Profitable Dairy Farming” page. In Dairy business, it is very important to provide cows with a healthy diet. The app also provides preparation of Silage (Grass or green Fodder), explains the types of silage and the advantages. Under the section of Backyard Poultry, powergotha explains How to set-up and run a
successful Backyard Poultry in India, and also explains the advantages of Free range poultry farm, gives suggestions to the farmers regarding brooding and also Income-Expenditure.

Goat rearing is also most common among rural farmers. So, this app is also
beneficial for goat rearing farmers. It provides every minute information on preparation and planning required for goat farming. Besides, It provides various reports and timely notifications based on the updated information of animals, enables the farmers to buy goods and machines and also helps to sell the animals. This way, every farmer in India will be able to successfully make profits with wise methods.

Solution from PowerGotha

After brainstorming for extended periods, team Powergotha was out with a solution. They have succeeded in creating ‘PowerGotha Pashupalan Dairy Farm Management’ app. PowerGotha app provides everything a farmer in the field of Animal Husbandry needs. It is one handy solution for many farming problems. PowerGotha app contains all the information about dairy farming, goat rearing and backyard poultry
farming. In addition to providing information to the farmers, it also sells required goods, machines and farming products.


Powergotha will always strive for the welfare of the people and the benefit of the farmers. This app provides everything a dairy farmer wants. Power Gotha app is designed with simple questions which you can answer by sparing two minutes daily. Track all daily activities at your dairy farm, including your daily expenditure on fodder, labour and your daily income from Milk and Manure, breeding at your dairy farm, health of your cows and buffaloes. The answers to such simple questions then form the base of various reports including buffalo farm, cow farm Income-Expense Report, cow Breeding Report, Health , Milk Report, Fodder report etc. The data entry is easy and for the past as well. The reports can be viewed on screen and PDF can be emailed easily.

It was a great opportunity for Ahex Technologies to work on PowerGotha.

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