Application Development: Expectations vs Reality

  • Application Development: Expectation Vs Reality

Why Application Development?

Nowadays, the usage of mobile devices has become common. Mobile is crucial for the completion of our tasks with the help of applications. However, the application is the only thing that can complete a task. 

Developers play an important role in application development due to the demand for apps in the market. Due to the fast chasing of app trends and money in today’s era, mobile app development is popular in the software industry.

Programming languages for mobile app development?

There are multiple unique programming languages available for application development in the market, but every language has its place. Let’s talk briefly about that.

Game development is widespread, and for that developer using unity, unreal engine, etc. However, if we talk about native application development, then it is entirely based on Java language or Kotlin language. Frameworks are also available for mobile application development like Cordova, Ionic, PhoneGap, etc. These ways, every programming language, and frameworks have their specific usage and demand.

Expectation vs Reality

The increasing demand for mobile and software applications has made development companies fall under the scanner of CXOs and business owners. However, the intriguing concept of Outsourcing has also evolved and slithered in parallel, considering the cost and time it saves for the business.

  • Application Development Technology: 

Expectation – App development technology is a simple process. The development process just needs an expert in the technology to configure and set the entire application together to work. For instance, it is as simple as a Lego game where you mainly construct models by interlocking plastic building blocks. 

Reality: Application development technology involves choosing a programming language, selecting a framework, choosing the right server with a storage capacity, and finally a database that communicates between the front-end and the back-end of the application. However, it is within milliseconds and helps in making the application responsive and interactive. 

  • Development Time:

Expectation: Many of the business owners and CXOs ask for applications developed in a few days after they share their requirements to the company. This is because, on the outside, the app development process looks easy and less time-consuming. Whilst the business owners and CXOs are also not aware of the development process that happens in the companies. 

Reality: The time duration for an application to be entirely developed depends mainly on the requirements. Application development is mainly a few steps process that comprises Ideation, Designing, Development, Testing, Launch, and Post-Launching. However, all these steps cannot be completed in a short period unless it is an MVP (minimum viable product). This prototype app only has basic features.

  • Application Development Cost: 

Expectation: In western countries like the USA, Europe, and the UK, the cost of development is very high. However, around 90% of the business owners planning to develop mobile applications for their business think that this price trend prevails worldwide. 

Reality: The application development cost depends on the requirement and features integrated. The more features and technologies you want to incorporate into your application, the higher will be the cost of development. Suppose you want your mobile app developed under your budget. In that case, you have to stick to the basic requirements of the business app and proceed for development. 

  • Application Submission: 

Expectation: The submission of applications to the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) is one of the most effortless processes in application development. We just need to apply with the click of a button to the application stores available in mobiles. Meanwhile, then stores will allow the application into the market for customers to use in the upcoming days.

Reality: The process mentioned above is a simple way to submit a mobile application. Still, you need to know that there would be millions of similar apps ruling mobile phones. However, you don’t have any malicious applications in the market and do you know why?. According to various development companies, application submission is the most laborious process in the whole application development. Therefore, you may expect your application to be rejected in the first go unless your application must be excellent to pass the review process. Also, the review process takes much time. It is wise to have a set of checklists to get your application approved without a veto. 

  • Application Post-launch and Success Rate: 

Expectation: App developers often think that success is guaranteed after the launch of a mobile application. The application will be visible to all the potential users, and they will use it regularly for all their needs. We just need to check the analytics and update the app once if the necessity arises. 

Reality: Applications have evolved as a behavior for the users in this era. Therefore, the true success of your mobile application is determined by the way you keep your potential users engaged. Doing a lot of groundwork and marketing of your application makes your application visible in the market. Then, the potential users will be able to see your application only if you do the app store optimization correctly because simply adding your application in the store will not get you success. It is important to do updates, feature enhancements, and bug fixes regularly to keep the potential users engaged with your application. Therefore, you must remember that it takes a lot of time to make the users stay on your application, yet only a millisecond to uninstall. So to achieve success, focus on your engagement rate and try not to lose it. 

Final Words 

It is very well said that high achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation. But, what if the expectation was a myth? This article would have given you clarity on what all expectations you need to have in a mobile or software application and what exactly is the reality. Acknowledging the reality and proceeding with the development is halfway through to success. To wrap it up, researching and understanding the reality always reduces higher expectations and gives developers the right space to work towards successful application development.