The Next Big Thing in Application Development

  • The next big thing in Application Development changes

The 21st century has witnessed some significant breakthroughs in the field of technology. With an increase in customer engagement, application development will further open more avenues, rather than just based on only mobile applications There is evidence to suggest that they will have a huge impact on businesses too. Immersive technologies supported by Artificial Intelligence look very promising in the near future.

Immersive technology refers to the creation of a virtual world for the user. It includes wearables like smartwatches and smartphones. Through the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality(AR), they create an artificial presence for the user within the real world. 

The researchers across various development platforms have started implementing immersive technology and multi-experience in their latest applications. They are working to engage more and more touch points with the user to provide a smoother experience. There are quite a few things still in the development stage that will change the face of application technology for good.

Internet of Things (IoT) 

The first thing that comes to mind is the Internet of Things (IoT). In simple terms, IoT comprises everything connected to the internet. This includes all the devices, smartphones, wearables, and even the home pods. The scope of development in IoT is endless. From smart shops to smart cars, this will change the way of life for many of us.

The developers are spending tons of their valuable resources on this technology. It has applications in house automation, healthcare, and the formation of smart cities. Many companies have started working with this technology on a small and controlled scale. So far, there have been no complaints regarding the ease of use or reliability of the applications. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will bring the next big revolution in the application development industry. Today mobile applications are used by everyone for various reasons like socializing, gaming, or shopping. The implementation of AI in mobile applications will enhance the day-to-day experience of users by many folds. 

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence will help developers to understand users in a better way. AI will work to provide a customized interface to each user depending on his tastes and preferences. This will create an appealing presence in the development market.

Conversational applications

Conversational applications are used by a majority of people worldwide. This includes voice apps and chats boxes, which have a great impact on almost all businesses. Developments are being made in this function to satisfy the business world. AI-supported by the cloud can make conversational applications seamless by providing a real-time touch. 

These applications are developed on smartphones, web portals, or even in smart shops. This tool is generally used by E-commerce websites or business portals that need to explain their services to the user.

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

There has been great advancement in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology.  Applications are using this technology to open a new world of imagination for the users. They are seen in gaming applications but are implemented in other fields too.

Though applications are used at multiple touchpoints today, mobile applications still hold the majority number of users. The development companies are aware of this fact and so they make applications catering to the smartphone medium specifically. 

Multi-platform based applications

Development is being done on the cross-platform working of applications that will soon be used in day-to-day technology. This will allow applications to run smoothly on different platforms like iOS, Windows, or Android. Currently, separate lines of code have to be written to develop an application for a different platform 5G Technology

The introduction of 5G technology will mark the start of a new era in technological advancements. The high speeds offered by the networks will allow users to run applications smoother. It would make the implementation of technology like AR and VR much easier. 

The relation between immersive technology and artificial intelligence

The scope of applications has moved far beyond mobile apps. The future will see a variety of applications in different fields employing the latest technology. Artificial intelligence and immersive technologies are mutually connected. AI-controlled immersive devices and applications will be much more efficient and user-friendly than ever. 

Immersive technology includes Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and, Virtual Reality. These fields have seen development in their age and many gaming applications have been using a VR interface. But the output is still not up to the standards and the interface is not effortless. 

The developers believe that Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technology will be mutually beneficial to each other. The advancements in AI will enable immersive applications to employ VR or AR tactics more prominently. 

Challenges to application development  

The major challenge posed to application development is the decline in business and the lack of skilled developers. Though multiple businesses use different applications for their commercial use, the overall impact of applications on business is not so significant. This prevents developers from making extensive research in this specific field. 

Secondly, the companies are not motivated enough to spend their resources on application development as they don’t see a promising future in it.


There is some significant progress in the fields of application development, technology-wise. Artificial Intelligence, Immersive technology, and applications will bring revolutionary changes in the developmental aspects. There is a scope for businesses to benefit from this technology advancement. Smart shops will be introduced where people can purchase their groceries without having to push a cart. Houses will be automated to answer your voice commands.

Artificial Intelligence will enable these applications to work smoothly and provide a tireless experience to the user. The coming five years are very crucial for application development as the period will witness a series of developmental breakthroughs in the forms of different applications.